Terms and Conditions

Initiation / Orientation Fee
  1. HBS alumni who have an active membership with their local HBS club are eligible to join Alumni Forums. The initiation/orientation fee of $600 is invoiced and payable after you have completed a profile indicating your interest in joining a Forum and before you are placed in a Forum.  After payment is received, Alumni Forum Services will send you notice of your proposed Forum grouping (if we have been able to place you), and ask you to (1) confirm that you have no personal or business conflicts with other proposed members and (2) indicate your availability to attend a full-day orientation session.
  2. Refund policy prior to Orientation:
    1. This fee is fully refundable if we are unable to place you in an Alumni Forum.
    2. If you give us notice that you wish to cancel attendance at your scheduled orientation session, for any reason, including not accepting your proposed Forum grouping, 30 days or more before the date of the orientation session, you will be entitled to a full refund.
    3. If you give us notice that you wish to cancel attendance at your scheduled orientation session, for any reason, less than 30 days before the date of the orientation session, you will be entitled to a refund of 50% of the fee (unless Alumni Forum Services is able to fill your place in the Forum with another appropriate candidate, in which case you will receive a 100% refund).
    4. If you give us notice that you wish to cancel attendance at your scheduled initiation session within 7 days after we send you notice of its date, you will be entitled to a full refund, even if your notice to us is less than 30 days before the date of the scheduled orientation session.
    5. If you provide no cancellation notice prior to the scheduled Orientation and do not attend, you will not be entitled to a refund.
    6. If you are unable to attend the Orientation, but choose to still join a Forum, we will work with you to schedule an alternate orientation session, provided your proposed Forum is open to taking new members. Your orientation fee will not be forfeited if you join a Forum. 
  3. Refund policy after attending an Orientation session:
    1. If you decide, for any reason, not to remain in the forum after attending the orientation, the orientation fee will be treated as follows:
      1. You may elect to receive a refund of the full orientation fee. 
      2. You may elect to remain in the pool of candidates to be placed in another suitable Forum., In this case, Alumni Forum Services will retain your orientation fee, and you will be placed on a priority list to be assigned in the next appropriate forum that has an opening.
    2. If a member attends one or more additional meetings of the assigned forum beyond the orientation session, and then decides they do not wish to be in that forum, no refund of the orientation session fee will be made.
  4. Once scheduled, a Forum orientation session will not be rescheduled unless the group size falls below the minimum required number. Members who miss the scheduled session must attend a later orientation session before they will be allowed to join a forum.

Annual Fee

  1. At the end of the orientation session, each member will be asked to make a commitment to their forum and to their fellow members.
  2. Following that commitment, the annual fee of $1200 will be charge to your credit card.
  3. The annual fee is non-refundable except if the member dies or is disabled, in which case a pro-rated refund will be made.
  4. If one or more members believe that another member should not be part of the group, the group will be responsible for resolving the issue themselves (including the hiring of a facilitator to help them work through and resolve this issue, if necessary). AFS will provide tools for such situations at no cost on request and as part of Moderator Training.  If a member leaves at the request of other members, the resigning member will receive a prorated refund of their annual membership fee.
  5. If in AFS's opinion, an Alumni Forum member is disruptive or seriously detrimental in other ways to the health and effectiveness of his/her Forum, AFS may at its discretion and as a last resort, require that member to resign from the group.  The resigning member will receive a pro rated refund of their annual membership fee.

Proprietary Information

  1. Content provided in writing at the orientation or subsequent retreats by Alumni Forum Services is considered proprietary.
  2. Use of AFS content for any purpose other than by an AFS-supported Alumni Forum is prohibited.
  3. No member of an AFS-supported Alumni Forum may use AFS content, material or proprietary information for providing Forum services to Alumni Forums or any other Forum program.