HBS Alumni Forum Services


"HBS Forum has been a life-changing experience. It builds upon the lessons learned in the HBS course Authentic Leadership Development and provides a diverse, engaged, group of alumni the chance to develop professionally, explore solutions to business problems, and grow as a leader. In the process, I've gotten to meet alumni in other industries and career stages who have become trusted advisers and close confidantes. I am immensely grateful for this opportunity and to have the trained facilitation and structure of HBS Forum."

Lilly Beshore (MBA 2013), Forum Member, HBS Club of Colorado

"My HBS Forum has been meeting for over five years and has been a key part of my life.  Without the support and encouragement of my fellow Forum members, I may never have taken on the role of president of the HBS Club of NYC.  Definitely worth the time commitment!"

Katherine Bahamonde (MBA 2007), Immediate Past President, HBS Club of New York

"My HBS Forum experience over the last 5 years has been transformative in my life. With coaching from my forum, I’m a better business leader, a better spouse, and a better parent. This is by far the most valuable part of my HBS alumni experience."

Zander Packard (MBA 1997)

"I have been working with the Young Presidents’ Organization for over four decades and have seen first-hand that Forum is among the most powerful benefits of YPO membership. Members are uniformly enthusiastic about how their Forums help them make better personal and professional decisions, and deal with all the pressure and loneliness of business and personal challenges. I am pleased that Forums are now available to Harvard Business School alumni who I think will benefit in similar fashion."

Benson P. Shapiro, Malcolm P. McNair Professor of Marketing, Emeritus

"My forum was key in helping me manage a difficult job transition. Having a supportive group of smart, objective and caring people to bounce ideas off of and do "reality checks" proved to be invaluable as I balanced a search with a challenging job situation. As I have moved into a new role, my forum has helped me think through ways to maximize both my professional and personal success. For me, being able to learn from others' experience in a supportive environment is one of the biggest benefits of Forum."

Lisa Rohrer (PhD 2004), Member, HBS Club of Washington, DC

"Most HBS alumni events (and I have attended many over the years) involve casually socializing with other alumni. In contrast, my recently launched HBSAB Alumni Forum has been the most impactful HBS-related experience I have had since graduating, allowing for far deeper and meaningful conversation.”"

Marc Zablatsky (MBA 1992), President, HBS Association of Boston

"My Forum experience over the last 11 years has been transformative in my life. With coaching from my forum, I’ve been able to help my company avoid many pitfalls, make tough decisions, and grow our business.  I’m also a better boss and a more effective communicator because of my forum experience. This is by far the most valuable part of my YPO experience, and as an alumnus (and past President of the HBS Association of Boston), I am thrilled that Forums are now available to HBS Club members."

Dick Simon (MBA 1980), YPO Member

"My YPO Forum group, and now my WPO Forum group, have been essential to my personal and professional development. A Forum’s diverse members offer rich insights and expertise, shared in an environment of mutual support and common learning. It has been the most valuable part of my YPO/WPO experience. As an HBS alumnus (and past President of the HBS Club of Chicago) I am enthusiastic about the availability of Forums to our club’s members."

Terry Plochman (Carl M. Plochman, III), MBA 1976 WPO Member

"The insights, openness and wisdom of my HBS Alumni Forum have influenced me greatly since I joined about a year ago. I won't soon forget their comments, life philosophies, and impactful experiences. The examples of my Forum colleagues will serve me well as I seek to develop a leadership style rooted in respect for others, transparency and self-understanding."

David Moeller (MBA 2008)

"My Forum has helped me become a better president, a better husband, a better father and a better person."

John Macomber (MBA 1983), YPO Member, HBS Faculty

"My Forum goes far beyond just a group of people who share stories and meet once a month. It is a sanctuary, a place where I am free to be myself, free to express my rawest thought and emotions and not be judged, and continually feel the support of all my group members in any and all situations."

Anonymous Forum Member

"Peer support is critical to any career. But the higher you go in a leadership role, the fewer opportunities you have to lean on peers for deliberation and problem solving. The opportunity for a trusted peer support group is there if you only look for it, and continued success depends on it. Create a personal board of directors. Join an organization like YPO, or even organize your own local group of non-competitive peers. If you have no other agenda than to reciprocally offer help and support, you will be amazed at how receptive others will be."

Rick Smith, Entrepreneur and CNN Commentator

"My Alumni Forum has helped me look at my life through a different lens. It allows me to take advantage of the unbiased experience and knowledge of others who have no dogs in the race. Our only goal is to help each other professionally and personally."

Kal Bittianda (MBA 1997)

"My HBS Alumni Forum in Toronto is my most powerful asset in closing the gap between who I am today and who I can become."

Wes Co, HBS General Manager Program, 2010

"I am really getting a lot out of my experience in my HBS Alumni Forum in Atlanta. I recently went through a job transition, and the group was excellent at helping me think through options for next steps as well as helping flush out the most important factors to me for selecting my next career gig. It is so nice to have a group of smart, motivated, caring folks to help you think through important business and personal issues."

Elizabeth Head (MBA, 2008) HBS Atlanta Forum member

"I am very blessed to have amazing and supportive friends in my HBS Forum. It is a powerful network that helps me bounce ideas in business and life. I am an entrepreneur and it can be lonely with lots of questions on my mind. My forum helps me think clearly about both my consulting (DremelAnalytics) and start-up (e-Journal)."

Christine Gajardo, Forum Member, HBS Club of Northern California (PLD 2012)

"For the past 5 years I have been fortunate to participate in an HBS Alumni Forum group here in Toronto.  Over that time my group has become the single most valuable HBS-related program I have been involved with since graduation – it has provided me a deep set of trusted relationships with a group of fellow HBS alumni who share extraordinary perspective at my most challenging and most opportune moments."

Sandy Scott, Forum Member, HBS Club of Toronto (MBA 2007)