What is the cost to join an alumni forum?

Each alumnus who joins a forum pays an annual fee of $1,200 plus a one-time initiation/orientation fee of $600 to Alumni Forum Services. In return for this fixed fee, AFS provides a turnkey service to clubs, forums and individual members including

  • Surveying of members to determine interest and sorting into appropriate forums
  • Scheduling and professional facilitation of initial one-day orientation session for each new forum
  • Professional facilitation of initial retreat during month 6-12 and annual retreat thereafter
  • Annual training program, regularly scheduled conference calls, and on-going support for forum moderators
  • Online forum resource tools (sample agendas, exercises, ice breakers, norms, etc.) and a quarterly newsletter with tips and ideas to enhance your forum experience
  • Annual Forum Officer Workshop for club officers
  • Phone and email support for clubs, moderators and members who have questions about forum best practices, protocols and policies
  • A copy for each member of Forum: The Secret Advantage of Successful Leaders by Mo Fathelbab, President of Forum Resources Network
  • Selection and onboarding of new members to existing forums

The initiation/orientation fee is billed and due before you attend your forum’s orientation session. The annual fee is billed immediately after the orientation session and annually thereafter. All or part of these fees can often be charged to the member’s business as a professional development expense.

In addition to Alumni Forum Services annual fee, Alumni Forum members agree to share any ongoing food or meeting costs. Since monthly meetings are usually held in members’ homes or offices, these costs are modest. Many forums will schedule dinners after some meetings with the cost shared among members.

For the forum’s annual retreat, lodging and food are mutually agreed to and split among the members. These costs can be minimized if a forum member has access to a family or friend’s vacation home. Travel and lodging costs for the retreat facilitator are also split among the members.

You must be a member of your local HBS Club to join and remain in an Alumni Forum.